There comes a time after you've been in a car wreck where you need to start searching for the most qualified Virginia personal injury attorney you can find. Sure, you've been in a pretty serious automobile accident and are looking at all the insurance claims, but it's all a bit hectic and overwhelming to say the least. Searching for the best personal injury law firm in Virginia is a great place to start, but how do you sort out all the different contingency fees you get fed by each and every virginia personal injury attorney you meet with?

My name is Ben Glass, and I wanted to share with you another frequently asked question. How do Virginia personal injury lawyers charge for their services? In most cases, personal injury lawyers work on what is called the contingent fee basis, that is they're charging a percentage of the recovery, typically between 33% and 40% percent, but only if you win your case or get your case settled.

We happen to charge 25% for car accident cases that can be settled long before trial. You should never hire an attorney on price alone but our system is worth checking out. 

Typically there’ll be out–of-pocket expenses that you may be responsible for. Out-of-pocket expenses include things like fees from medical bills, fees for reports from doctors, and filing fees, the things that we pay to the court to file a case. And you’ll ultimately be responsible for those in most cases. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us and we can walk you through the steps.

What I suggest is to make some of your decision based on quality, experience, credibility, etc. but never to forget about a reasonable rate. If you see a Virginia personal injury attorney charging upwards of 40% or more for their contingency fee, you know that this attorney is in it just for the money. Don't let their sales babble talk or law jargon persuade you into a deal you can refuse to offer, start by educating yourself with the truth about lawyers. I wrote a book that I would love to share with you for absolutely free. 

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