William Schirmer, MD is a surgeon in Ohio.

For over two decades he has testified as an expert witness in medical malpractice cases.

Over 70% of his testimony is for doctors but he occasionally testifies for patients in cases involving botched gallbladder surgery. He has testified over and over again that doctors violate the standard of care in

  1. Failing to identify the anatomy correctly
  2. Failing to do a cholangiogram when necessary
  3. Failure to note when a cholangiogram is abnormal
  4. Assuming that a duct seen coming out of the gallbladder is the cystic duct
  5. That there can be more than one duct that comes out of the cystic duct
  6. That the fact that that the anatomy is unusual is no excuse for mistaking the common duct for the cystic duct.
  7. That the fact that there is a short cystic duct is not excuse for mistaking the common duct for the cystic duct
  8. That when a surgeon cuts out a portion of the common hepatic duct (an error in surgery) the thing just about “speaks for itself.”

In the Fall of 2015 Dr. Schirmer was named as an expert witness for a doctor in a case where the doctor

  1. Never identified the hepatic duct
  2. Failed to recognize that the cholangiogram was abnormal
  3. Removed all of the common hepatic duct and most of the right and left hepatic ducts
  4. Didn’t realize he had put his cholangiocatheter in the wrong duct

Amazingly, Dr. Schirmer testified that he was an expert only on the issue of damages and that he had “not even considered” whether or not the surgeon violated the standard of care.

In this document we collect much of Dr. Schirmer’s prior testimony on the issue of medical malpractice in Gallbladder surgery.

You can download the outline to William Schirmer prior expert testimony here.

In this document you can find Dr. Schirmer's testimony in a gallbladder surgery case in November 2015

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