Finding a lawyer can be frustrating enough without lawyer advertisements that distract you with actors or celebrities. There’s no law stating that attorneys have to show themselves in their advertisements, and there are many cases in which clients may be confused by celebrity spokespersons. I’m here to help you understand how advertising for law firms works and how you can make sure you’re getting the lawyer you’re looking for. 

Celebrity Spokespersons and Actors in Lawyer Advertisements 

Have you seen those law firm ads with William Shatner, Robert Vaughn or Eric Estrada? Guess what; they’re all generic TV ads from a media company called Market Masters. They’re played across the nation with the only difference being the name of the law firm or attorney advertised. 

When you’re finding a lawyer, it may be enticing to go with a firm with such a big-name celebrity representing it. What you may not know is that all it took was a few hundred dollars to the marketing company and then a few hundred more for the TV space. I highly doubt Shatner or any other famous celebrity has set foot in the law firms that use their videos. 

There’s no rule against using a celebrity or a spokesperson to endorse or advertise a law firm. Most of these ads include a boilerplate or mumbled disclaimer of “spokesperson is not an attorney” to let them get away with this kind of lawyer advertisement. 

Don’t let yourself get distracted by celebrities – focus on learning about the attorney who will represent your case. Turn a blind eye to who’s speaking in the ad and focus on what the ad is really saying about the law firm. If it’s not telling you what kind of case history the attorney has or the credentials of that attorney, it’s not telling you anything useful when finding a lawyer. 

How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Lawyer in the Advertisement 

Finding a lawyer shouldn’t be like rating people in a “hot or not” competition. Looks don’t matter when it comes to a good Fairfax attorney – one’s legal prowess is not established by visual appeal. Still, lawyers believe their clients need to see pretty faces in their ads, so law firms often try to hide who handles cases in their office. 

The surefire way to get the lawyer you want on your case is simply to ask them during the consultation. A consultation when looking for a lawyer is your chance to ask all the important questions, and you should be asking just who will handle your case. 

Why hire a law firm based on lawyer advertisements for a specific attorney and his or her experience when your case is just going to be handed off to someone else? It’s ridiculous, and I hope you’ll take the time to really research and consult multiple law firms before you make the important decision to hire a lawyer. 

Finding a Lawyer Should be Based on More than Lawyer Advertisements 

There’s no rule saying a lawyer has to handle every case in their law firm personally, and it’s up to you to make sure your case is being handled by the person you chose as your legal representative. Until you sign an attorney-client agreement, there’s no guarantee that the person you saw in the advertisements will be the lawyer who handles your case. You should be finding an attorney based on facts, not faces. 

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