Often, we get potentially new clients calling us and ask us the “magic formula” question. This is typically something along the lines of: what is the value of their case.  Should they add the medical bills, wages lost, or how much time has passed? Unfortunately, too many of these people end up with disappointment right off the bat, as there is no true way to determine the actual value of a settlement.

The reason for this is that when a case goes to trial, it’s the jury that decides how much you’re entitled to. They go through the process collectively as a group, breaking down one piece of the personal injury case at a time, before they decide on a true “value” to it. They’re a neutral party and not on the insurance company’s “side," but it doesn’t mean they’re going to have the best judgment.

For a lawyer to give you an estimation on what your case is worth, they would need far more information than you can give in a quick phone call. This would require quite a bit of research and would reflect what has happened in the same city and what's relevant to your specific case. But once again – this isn’t guaranteeing anything. There’s always the chance you’ll end up with a jury that gives you a number that you didn’t expect!

Here’s what you should probably do – start researching for the best Fredericksburg, Virginia personal injury attorney you can find, as this is necessary for your case. You may not be able to determine how much you get, but the most competent attorney you can find will put you in the best position when things go to trial. Meantime, what I suggest you do is check out our free consumer guide The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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