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Even though most lawyer advertising looks alike, not every Fairfax personal injury attorney is the same as the next. When you need to file a Virginia personal injury claim, who you choose to represent you in your fight against the insurance companies can make or break your case. This is not a decision to be made on the advice of a slick TV commercial or huge Yellow Pages ad.

Your Fairfax Personal Injury Attorney and Trial Experience

Just because someone graduates law school and passes the state bar doesn't qualify them to handle your Virginia car accident claim. Credentials alone do not make the best lawyers. Neither do the years they've spent in practice. You can graduate from the top law school, pass the bar with flying colors, and have been in practice for 20+ years and still not be a good Fairfax personal injury attorney.

So what makes a good personal injury attorney? Experience, and years in practice actually taking cases to trial. There are hundreds, even thousands of practicing attorneys out there who have never taken a case to trial because they're AFRAID to. Afraid to do your job? Really? That doesn't make a good attorney, or any professional for that matter.

One of the first things you should ask any personal injury attorney whom you're consulting on your Virginia personal injury claim is their attitude toward trial. They should be able to provide you with case results, showing that they can and will go to trial for your claim. Trial experience is important if you're going to go for the maximum value of your Virginia personal injury claim.

Specialists for Your Type of Virginia Personal Injury Claim

Just as no two attorneys are the same, your Virginia personal injury claim is also unique. This means you shouldn't just settle for any Fairfax personal injury attorney, you should seek one who specializes in your type of claim. There are attorneys who only handle motorcycle accidents, those who specialize in Workers' Compensation claims, and some like me who focus on medical malpractice and wrongful death.

You wouldn't go to any doctor for a knee replacement; you'd go to an orthopedic surgeon. So why should you go to any Fairfax personal injury attorney for a motorcycle accident? Go to an attorney who has a good case history for vehicle injuries involving motorcycles, they'll be more familiar with how the courts handle cases similar to yours.

For more information on personal injury claims and car accident cases, click on this link to a free copy of Ben's book, The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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