When you go in for a hospital procedure, whether scheduled or emergency, chances are you'll end up hooked into an IV system. Intravenous transmission is one of the most common ways to deliver medication to patients, and the widespread use of IV systems makes IV errors more common. There are many types of IV errors and an experienced Fairfax medical malpractice attorney can help you determine if you have a case of medical negligence.

Basic Types of IV Errors

There are 2 different ways you may have suffered an IV error, either during the physical insertion, removal of the IV line or an error in the actual medication administered through the IV line. 

An IV error that occurs during the insertion or removal of the line is known as an extravasation injury. This is the result of the accidental injection of fluid into the tissue around the intended insertion site. It may also happen after insertion when the line leaks into the surrounding tissue.

IV errors related to the medication administered can be a number of medication errors. These errors can range from wrong dosage, wrong medication, timing issues, and more common medication errors.

IV Errors Related To Administered Medication

When a medical professional uses an intravenous line to administer medication it is done so to allow an easy, convenient method to treat your condition. Necessary fluids can easily be injected into the line, but this also means that it is much easier to administer the wrong medication just as quickly. 

Some of the common medication errors associated with IV errors include: 

  • incorrect medication administered;
  • improper dosage of IV medication;
  • medication administered at wrong time; and
  • improperly maintained IV pumps/equipment.

Often the negligent doctor or nurse will try to lay blame on the equipment, or that the labeling on the medication was incorrect. There may be many parties responsible for your IV errors, and an experienced Fairfax medical malpractice attorney can help you sort things out.

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