Whether you have a Fairfax personal injury lawyer or not, you’ve probably jumped through the insurance company’s hoops to finally pass through the evidence stage of your accident case. When the adjuster finally concludes that you’re entitled to a settlement they’ll be quick to toss a minimal dollar value at your case. 

That initial settlement offer will probably look pretty tempting after months of fighting for a decision on your claim, but don’t let the numbers distract you. The initial offer from an insurance company for your accident case will rarely cover the extent of the damages you are entitled. 

You will most likely have to fight for a fair settlement, but you don’t need a lawyer if you know what you should be seeking. 

Don’t Sell Your Settlement Short 

While I tell potential clients you can settle your case on your own if you’re only seeking minor damages,88 you still need to know the value of those damages. One of the first steps to settlement should be to estimate the full value of the injuries and losses you incurred. 

In a typical accident case you should add up the following: 

  • all medical bills related to your injuries from the accident;
  • any wages lost from having to miss work because of your injuries;
  • cost of damage to your personal property from the accident; and
  • estimated cost of any ongoing medical treatment such as physical therapy. 

If you will be seeking damages for more arbitrary items like pain and suffering or more complicated losses such as your spouse’s lost wages if he or she had to stay home from work to take care of you, you may need a personal injury lawyer. 

After making these calculations, you’ll be putting them to use in tandem with your evidence to submit as an accident case package. To arm yourself with some free advice before you duke it out with the insurance company, check out my FREE eBook. Your insurance company will most likely fight you on your first demand for compensation, so I have a few more tips on how to deal with this situation. 

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