We learn a lot of things when we go to school.  Our instructors teach us about math, science, history and geography.  As we further our education, we learn more complex subjects.  But, where is the course on what to do following a Virginia accident Who teaches you how to deal with your doctor after a personal injury?

People make many mistakes after serious accidents.  Unfortunately, these mistakes can cost them dearly.  We have listed some of the most common errors people make when dealing with their doctors, which you can find below.

  1. Not getting medical attention immediately after an accident.  The insurance company doesn’t need any more ammunition to use against you.  Failing to get medical treatment right away makes it appear as though you weren’t badly injured.  See a doctor as soon as you possible.
  2. Keeping your medical history a secret.  Your doctor needs to be aware of any previous injury or illness.  It is imperative that you are upfront with your medical provider.  Disclosing your medical history to your doctor will improve your medical care.  Not disclosing your medical history will hurt your case. 
  3. Discussing your legal case with your doctor.  Your physician is skilled in providing medical care.  His or her job is to help you get better.  Your doctor is not a legal professional, though, and therefore does not have to know about your lawsuit or that you are working with an attorney.
  4. Missing doctor appointments.  This mistake is very similar to the first one mentioned in this list.  If your doctor prescribes medical treatment and you fail to follow through, which includes doctor visits and therapy, it is going to appear that you must not have been in that much pain.  Otherwise, wouldn’t you have shown up to your appointments?
  5. Not telling your doctor about all of your symptoms.  It is one thing for a jury to hear that you have been in pain, but it is even more impactful for them to read it in your medical records.  Be sure to tell your doctor about all of the symptoms and pain that you are experiencing.  Better yet, make a list of what hurts before going to the doctor.  When you see your physician hand him or her the list.

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