You don’t always need a Fairfax injury lawyer to help you obtain evidence to be used in a basic accident case. Learn how to do this on your own!You’ve just been in a car accident in Fairfax, Virginia; you’re shaken up and suffered some minor injuries, but overall you’re okay. Now put on your detective hat because it’s time to collect evidence for your accident case. 

Settle Your Case on Your Own – Document Everything 

Not working with a Fairfax injury lawyer to resolve your basic accident case? That’s okay. You may be able to prepare your own insurance claim. 

The insurance adjusters may not jump at the chance to do the following things, so you may need to do them yourself: 

  • document the accident site;
  • collect witness contact information; and
  • pull your medical records. 

As soon as you can, start documenting everything regarding your accident, starting at the scene with: 

  • taking photographs;
  • shooting video of the damaged vehicles;
  • noting nearby weather conditions;
  • writing down traffic conditions; and
  • outlining your injuries. 

Don’t let any items damaged in the crash be destroyed – this goes for everything from your Impala to your iPod. 

Hopefully nearby drivers or pedestrians witnessed the accident and stuck around to help. If you have any witnesses make sure they talk to the police and you also get their contact information. If the insurance company fights the validity of your claim you may need a lawyer after all if you don’t have witnesses to back up your case. 

The police report and your medical records will also be an important part of your documentation and luckily they’re prepared for you. All you have to do is go to the proper authorities to obtain a copy. 

In Fairfax, you cannot get the actual police report, but rather an incident verification form, which can be requested by mail or at the Central Records office in the Police Annex. Your medical records will be available from whatever physician’s office, urgent care clinic, or the emergency room you were treated. 

Between photographs, witness contacts, reports and records you can settle your case on your own – but only if you know how to prepare the evidence to submit to the insurance company. Attorney Ben Glass is available to answer questions even if you are settling your claim on your own. Keep reading to find out more. 

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