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People who get his by bus and become disabled don't need lawyers. Those claims are straightforward and get paid. People with chronic, debilitating diseases or illnesses often need lawyers because insurance companies have a hard time understanding why someone would need to see many doctors before getting a diagnosis. In chronic debilitating conditions the insurance companies have a hard time understanding why you stopped work even though what you have really done is worked through some really tough times.

We represent people who are going through tough times. We take the burden of dealing with the unethical and often illegal activiies of the insurance companies. Here's what one very nice client wrote after working with Ellen:

Ben Glass Law assisted me during a very difficult period of my life, when my disability insurer tried to weasel out of paying me. I was almost too ill to cognitively handle the legal logistics, but BGL was always available to answer my questions and they did all the heavy mental lifting. Their briefs to the insurance company were articulate, accurate, detailed, and directly challenged every facet of the insurer's illegal and unethical activity. They were understanding about the tremendous emotional strain of a medical disability case. In the end, they convinced my insurer to settle, with the result that they paid me everything they owed me, plus legal fees.

I primarily worked with Ellen, who patiently explained every step of the process, sometimes multiple times because I was very forgetful. :) But everyone at the office I interacted with was kind and competent.

I highly recommend Ben Glass Law's legal services for sure. Oh and lastly, their rates seem very reasonable to me.

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized ERISA disability & life insurance attorney in Fairfax, VA.