The first things that an attorney should look at when defending you on a DWI case are:

  • Probable cause
  • Field sobriety tests
  • If there is any doubt that you committed the crime.

The first question to ask is the reason for suspicion, why did the officer pull you over? In every case, the police officer will have to convince the judge that there was a good reason to think you were violating traffic or criminal law. If the officer does not have enough proof that he had good reasoning for pulling you over, then your lawyer is better able to defend your case.

What should you do if you are pulled over for a DUI in Virginia?After they pull you over and they suspect you of being intoxicated, did they give you the proper sobriety tests?

After the arrest did they test your blood alcohol level? These are all questions that your attorney should be asking you.

Sometimes BAC tests are inaccurate, and this could be the deciding factor in proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a DWI case.

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