”Car accident cases are easy. Any lawyer should be able to do it.” While that seems like a valid statement, it could not be further from the truth. Lawyers should not be treated as “one-size-fits-all.” Even if you know a lawyer you trust, it is still important to ask what type of cases they handle and their experience with personal injury cases.

Lawyers are not Lawyers are specialists. Some attorneys work for large corporations reviewing contracts and financial documents, while other attorneys practice family law. There are very few (if any) attorneys that “do it all.”

Some, but not all, car accident cases will go to trial. This is most common in cases where the fault is disputed, or if there are large medical bills. If your car accident case is a large one, you need to find a lawyer with trial experience. Some attorneys have never worked in a courtroom, so don’t be afraid to ask an attorney if they have been in a trial before.

What you should consider is if you need a lawyer at all. Many car accident cases are small and simple enough that you can handle them on your own. The larger cases with property damage and injury damages will probably require an attorney at some point. If your case is large, do your research and start interviewing attorneys for your case.

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