Auto Insurance Coverage is Confusing and the Language is Overwhelming

As Told by a Former Insurance Adjuster

BenGlassLaw recently interviewed a former insurance agent and asked him about the process an accident victim will go through after an accident. We were very surprised by what we heard, and we are eager to share this information with the public.

Have you ever read your insurance policy? And if so, do you truly understand it? If you don’t understand the language, you are not alone. Even some of the insurance company’s policy experts say the language is confusing.

In the contract with your insurance company, there are lists of definitions that explain what each term means. However, these definitions can change based on which section you are reading. If you are unsure about your coverage and what it includes, your best bet is to call your insurance company and get clarification before you are in an accident.

How well do you understand your car insurance policy?It is also important to clarify what kinds of coverage you have. We have written about MedPay coverage before and how it is very important for Virginia drivers. During our interview, the former insurance adjuster stated that most people believe they have coverage like MedPay, but often they don't have the coverage they think they have. If you are unsure, double check your policy.

If you are confused by your auto insurance coverage, you are welcome to bring your policy to BenGlassLaw and ask for a car insurance review. Call (703)584-7277 and make an appointment to bring in your policy, and we’ll evaluate it for you!

Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney