You've been injured in a car accident (or suffered an injury in another fashion). You're dealing with the needed medical treatment and wondering how you will be able to recover the money for your medical bills. You know that the American legal system is designed to help you out there.

But here's the next big question...

Do You Need a Virginia Personal Injury Attorney or Not?

This is one of the top questions we get at BenGlassLaw, which is why we wanted to share the answer with you.

If you try to figure out whether you actually need an attorney or not on your own, you may fall victim to all of the silly advertising, and end up taking on an unnecessary expense. The insurance companies won't help you either - they are misleading at best. What you should do is take some time to do your own research (like you're doing right now by reading this article). In order to help you with this research, we've written a book titled the The Truth About Lawyer Advertising, which you can download for free from this website.

The truth is that there are actually some cases that you can settle on your own. But we've found that two things need to be true in order for you to do it on your own. One is that you had a short duration of medical care (or no medical care, and you're just making a property damage claim). And second, there isn't a real dispute of who was at fault for the case.

We’ve got a video on how to protect yourself by buying uninsured motorist coverage but that can't help you if you've already been in an accident.

The more complicated your personal injury is, the more likely it is that a Virginia personal injury attorney is going to be able to add value for you. An experienced Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney will have a lot of experience evaluating and handling cases like yours in your geographic area. (See it really doesn’t matter what your aunt in California got for her personal injury - different regions will have different trends regarding settlement awards.)

Let's say you have broken bones, herniated discs, and you maybe take more than maybe three months to get back to full recovery. During that time you miss out earning a wage at your job, and your future ability to make money in your profession has been impaired. Well in a case like that one, it makes a lot more sense to go out and hire a Board Certified specialist in your area than to try to settle the case on your own. There are certainly are a lot of pitfalls that can ruin your ability to recover the financial damages from your injury.

Remember when you do settle your case, that’s it. If you need more care or more treatment in the future, you generally will not be able to recover any additional money in your claim. That right will be waived as part of your settlement.

So the bottom line is no, you don’t need a personal Injury attorney to handle every case.

For those of you interested in learning more about the personal injury claims process, you can download our free book about Virginia accident and injury claims.

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