Say you’re turning a corner at your local grocer, and you slip on a puddle. A pickle jar fell off the shelf, and there was no “Wet Floor” sign placed. It sounds like you would have grounds to sue the grocer for your injuries, right? Aren’t they responsible for keeping their walkways clean and put up wet floor signs promptly?

Well, in Virginia, these “slip and fall” cases are mostly doomed from the start in a court of law, and here’s why. First, you have to prove that the slip was the store’s fault. Either they’re putting slippery substances on the floor and not marking it, or you need to prove that they knew about the issue and didn’t respond properly, like a ceiling leak for example.

Here’s where it gets tricky: you need to prove that you were 100% NOT at fault for the slip. If the store can prove that you should’ve looked better, or could reasonably have been expected to see and dodge the spill, then your case is kaput. Slip and fall cases are very difficult in Virginia due to this stipulation. It’s hard to find a scenario where a person had zero chance to foresee the problem and avoid being injured.What you need to know about slip in fall cases in Virginia grocery stores.

However, these cases do exist! Although it is challenging to win these cases in Virginia, it can be worth your time to talk to an experienced, board certified, personal injury attorney like those at BenGlassLaw.

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We'd also recommend that you get our free book on car accident claims in Virginia. Even though it's about car accident injuries, the principles apply to slip and fall injuries as well. With the unique complexity of slip and fall cases in Virginia, it's probably best if you call us as a first step.

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