We always recommend researching many attorneys before you decide who will be best for your case. The most important step is selecting the attorney with experience in the practice area that matches your case. You would not hire a pediatrician to perform heart surgery, and you shouldn’t hire an attorney who knows relatively little about your type of case.

There is a lot of specialization among attorneys. Attorneys that specialize in a certain field rarely accept a case out of their practice area. For example, a personal injury attorney pursues cases where one party was injured due to another party’s negligence. A personal injury attorney has experience and knowledge that a different type of attorney may lack.

An important trait to look for if you are looking for a personal injury attorney is experienced in personal injury cases. An attorney may label themselves a personal injury attorney, but never actually practice personal injury cases. An attorney's reputation in court is very important, and if they have a bad reputation or no experience, it will affect the outcome of your case.

The best indicator of an attorney’s knowledge are the informational videos or reports the attorney has produced. This will demonstrate their knowledge base and also educate you as a client.Why you should hire a specialist for your personal injury case.

If you would like more information about hiring a board certified personal injury attorney you can download a free copy of our book The Truth about Lawyer Advertising. You can also contact BenGlassLaw at (703)584-7277 for more information.

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