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If you're a lawyer getting ERISA disability or life insurance denial calls and don’t have a referral partner, we’d love to be the ones your office contacts first. 



The system for doing these cases that I’ve developed here is working very well for us and we handle cases nationally. Case screening is obviously important, but so is understanding the ERISA “game” - all of it! We have a team of writers and experts who help us maximize these cases. When we win, we pay 25% of the attorney fee we earn on past due benefits.


Why Refer Your Clients to Us?

  1. In 2020, we paid over $500,000 in referral and co-counsel fees. 
  2. No one in Virginia matches our experience. BenGlassLaw files more disability appeals and lawsuits in Virginia than any other firm. In fact, over 80% of all new long-term disability lawsuits filed in the Federal Courts in Virginia are filed by BenGlassLaw. This is easily verifiable on Pacer.
  3. In 2021 we recovered over $3 million in wrongfully denied disability benefits for our clients.
  4. We get money for the client in over 90% of the cases that we accept for representation.
  5. After we get the client back on claim, we stay with them for the life of their claim and proactively manage ongoing benefits. At the end of 2021 we had over $33 million in future disability benefits under management. Again, no one else in Virginia is doing this level of long-term disability work for claimants.
  6. We handle cases all over the country, using local counsel when required.
  7. We have flat fee consulting available for those who want to talk through options before they file for benefits or want to talk about options once they are on claim. In one case a consult such as this resulted in a physician client finding hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid benefits. That was not the problem the client was trying to solve when he came here. We only charged him for the consultation.
  8. The non-lawyers on our long-term disability team know more about ERISA disability claims than 99.9% of all lawyers. 
  9. We help people all over the country, using local counsel when required, at no additional charge to the client. We believe that disability claimants should have access to the right attorney for them, no matter where they live.
  10. We understand the frustration that the client is going through. We’ve been doing ERISA disability law at BenGlassLaw since 1995.
  11. We have a proven process for these claims.

Here’s all you need to know to make a referral:

  1. Most clients will contact you/us after having had their benefits denied or terminated.
  2. When they get that denial letter from the insurance company, they normally have 180 days to file a proper ERISA appeal. (If the claim is really old, like they got terminated after being paid 11 years, then they may have only 90 days to appeal).
  3. Claimants should never do their own appeals because on judicial review, evidence is generally limited to the record developed during the claim and appeal. Properly developing the record is essential and, in most cases, clients only get one shot at it.
  4. At that point, just have the client call us. At the same time, you should email us to advise that the client is going to call about their claim. We will note the referral and confirm with you. All you really must do is reinforce that:

a   It’s really important to have an experienced ERISA attorney do the appeal;
b.    We are trustworthy and experienced;
c.    They can go to to check us out.

  1. We can do whatever reporting back to you that you like. Most of our referral sources don’t want to be copied in on everything, but it’s easy to keep you in the loop if you want to stay abreast of developments.
  2. We will analyze the denial/termination letter and outline a plan for the client.
  3. If we win the administrative appeal, the insurance company pays back benefits and puts the client back on claim. Our fee is ⅓ the recovery. We pay 25% of that fee to you. 
  4. If we lose the appeal and continue to litigation, we pay you 25% of the back benefits awarded by a judge. If at some point we achieve a lump sum settlement of the entire claim, we pay you 25% of the attorney fee earned on the back benefit.
  5. If you want, we can also train you or your intake staff on how to handle these calls and make the referral. Again, the most important things are:

a.    Claimants have a limited time to do the appeal;
b.    This is an area of the law where federal judges have said that doing an appeal without an experienced attorney is putting the claimant at a distinct disadvantage;
c.    Our review of the denial letter is at no cost or obligation.
d.    We will always make the client feel good about you.

What Kind of Cases do We Look For?

Our parameters for disability and life insurance cases are simple and broad - we offer a free written review to anyone who has received a denial letter from an insurance company. We offer a paid consultation in person or over the phone to anyone who has questions about their policy, their coverage, their application for benefits, etc. We find that nearly everyone who calls with a disability-related question fits into one of these categories, so don’t be concerned with sending us only “good” cases. We can help (almost) everyone in some way, even if we just give them a better explanation of why their claim is or is not worth pursuing. If they call you, have them call BenGlassLaw and tell us you referred them.



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