Having car insurance is a necessity in Herndon, Virginia, especially considering the other people on the road who are driving legally without car insurance. Northern Virginia has some of the country’s worst traffic, which puts you at a huge risk for a car accident. It sounds completely wrong, but the Commonwealth of Virginia actually does allow you to drive without insurance. Virginia car insurance is your shield in any case of a car wreck where you face a personal injury claim. There are more insurance agents out there who are leaving you hanging with your current insurance policy.

Does this make you realize how dangerous it is to be driving around without car insurance for yourself? I really hope you wouldn’t pick this option, especially considering you would be extremely vulnerable following a car wreck and paying out of pocket for your personal injury. I wanted to do you a favor by sharing a true expert when it comes to car insurance, so make sure to watch the video below. Read on to see what will help you avoid financially going under from a weak car insurance policy!

Car Rental Insurance

The top question clients ask me about their insurance coverage is: will I have coverage when renting a car? Fortunately your own policy will shift over to the car you’ve decided to rent. But there’s one catch; if you do get in an accident and the rental car is in the shop getting repaired, you can be charged during the repair time for the "loss of use" of the car.

The sad part about this is that there aren’t any insurance companies that can actually offer you something to cover this. You’ll need to make sure that you pay the $10-$15 coverage that the car rental agency offers you for this.

Towing Coverage

Towing coverage is one of the top priorities you also need in your policy. You need to have it be either reimbursement based, or one of the 1-800 call-in services. If you’re paying for anything else, odds are you are getting ripped off.

Sure you may think everything is in order, but don’t make the mistake many people do with their insurance policy and set your policy limits low. If you do, not only are you vulnerable for everything bad that can come, but you may not be able to get your hands on a car that suits your needs while yours is being repaired after an accident.

Let’s say you have a larger vehicle to get your family around. If you make sure that your coverage is well above the minimum then you can find a suitable replacement. This is another big reason to have higher limits with your insurance policy.

MedPay Coverage

Another coverage that’s important for your insurance policy is to have medical payments, or med pay. It gets cash flow moving to your doctor if there are any issues with your own medical insurance company. This will cover deductibles as well during your personal injury recovery when you might not be able to work.

Lost Wage Coverage

One of the last pieces you should never forget is loss of wages coverage, which is a great way to supplement your policy. Best of all it’s only a small premium, but it includes a low weekly payment to cover bills if you’re out of work, in the hospital, or injured.

Last but not least you need replacement cost coverage, and let me tell you exactly why. The most common term you’ve likely heard is Actual Cash Value, which is what today’s value of the vehicle is based on its wholesale value. This typically is less than the actual value, where the replacement cost is much higher. It is the vehicle's value if you were to go and buy it from a dealership. Most companies offer this coverage, but sometimes with stipulations such as the vehicle must be 2 years old or less. Don’t expect the agent from the big insurance company to to share this with you.

These are the main pieces to building a solid and supported insurance policy with all of the necessary coverage components. Before you make any decision on buying insurance, take some time to meet with the top local independent agents. This will get you started and on a path to full protection with your coverage.

The best local board certified personal injury attorney will be able to help you if you have been in a car accident, or if you have any questions about your insurance policy. You can ask Ben Glass a question at Justaskbenglass.com or call (703)584-7277.
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