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Long ago, BenGlassLaw saw that consumers were not being well-served by most lawyer advertising. There are lots of ads, they all same the same thing, and many are being run by for-profit companies that are selling your personal information to the highest bidder.

What this short video about how to eliminate the confusion of lawyer advertising on the Internet.

Ben Glass decided to change that in a way that would empower consumers to both make the right decision about hiring an attorney but also letting them know that these cases are there cases and they need to be educated in order to make a great decision, no matter who they hired.

For many years now, consumer books have been a staple in the marketing process for the law firm. Tens of thousands of local consumers have relied on the information in these books to make a great decision. Download our free car accident books here. 

Here is what one client recently had to say about the free books BenGlassLaw offers:

We ordered his books and read them cover to cover. (We also used the information in the books to vet other personal injury attorneys). After discussions with several personal injury lawyers, we decided to give Mr. Glass a call. On initial call, we were told he was extremely busy and unable to consider our case. After taking time to speak directly with my wife, he agreed to see us and listen to my wife's case.

When we met, Mr Glass and his staff were consummate professionals. Mr. Glass listened intently and after a few minutes agreed to take my wife’s case. This is notable because we were made aware that he accepted very few cases and was extremely busy. Since he has been handling the case, it almost feels like we are on autopilot . We receive consistent updates on the case and information gathering efforts of his staff.

We also receive the literature and information requests to make sure my wife was doing okay and asking if we have any questions or need anything. His legal expertise has been a great service to my wife and I. Mr. Glass has relieved the stress of worrying about how the case will be settled. We are fully confident that he will be able to handle all aspects of the case. We look forward to a long relationship with Mr. Glass office, not only as attorney/client but as friends of the family.

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized ERISA disability & life insurance attorney in Fairfax, VA.