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Not all that long ago, there was a lawyer in Virginia settling cases with the insurance company for clients without their permission. Was this attorney doing wrong? Yes. Illegal? Also, yes.

The truth is that your case is YOUR case. The lawyer's job is to provide guidance and advice on the next steps. Ultimately, the choice is yours whether to go to trial or to settle. You can choose to reject the insurance company's offers during the settlement phase.

If your lawyer is telling you that he or she is going to go ahead and accept a settlement offer even though you don't want it, you should document the communications and make it clear that this is NOT what you want. The lawyer described above ultimately ended up in jail for his actions. He had actually been stealing money from clients by settling their cases and cashing the checks for himself.

Your lawyer should communicate with you openly about your options with your case. The vast majority of lawyers really do operate in the best interest of their clients. Unfortunately, the few bad eggs have done a lot of damage to the perception of lawyers overall.Can an attorney settle your case without telling you?

At BenGlassLaw, we have a policy stating, "We practice open and timely communication." When new decisions are set to be made in your case, we work to present you with all of your options quickly. We will offer our advice to help you make a decision, but we ultimately act in YOUR interest based on your decision.

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