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Can you work and receive social security disability benefits?The Social Security Administration has work incentive programs that allow you to work while receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. It is important to know what each program offers and what rules it has, so you can work and receive benefits.

The Trial Work Period Incentive

In this program, you can receive benefits while still working. This trial period allows you to work for 9 months, with no limits on how much you can earn. During this trial period, you need to report your activities and show that you continue to be disabled.

The Extended Period of Eligibility and the Substantial Gainful Activity

An Extended Period of Eligibility or EPE begins after your nine-month trial work grace period ends. If your income is below the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) maximum limit, then you will be able to continue receiving your SSD benefits in full. The SGA monthly maximum amounts in 2018 were  $1180 for non-blind applicants and $1970 for blind applicants. You will stop receiving benefits after three months of earning more than the SGA maximum limit under your EPE.

Luckily, there is another program called the Expedited Reinstatement work incentive that allows you to be reinstated for receiving benefits if you stop working within five years from the time your benefits ceased. This means that if your condition deteriorates or you cannot continue working, then you will be able to receive your benefits again without a long wait.

What To Do About Wrongfully Terminated Benefits

Many claimants of SSD benefits are cautious to resume working again because they do not want their benefits to end, so the SSA offers work incentives to allow claimants to reintegrate themselves into the workforce without fear. You can find work options and use them as long as you continue to be disabled and report your monthly income to the SSA. Unfortunately, some workers do have their benefits wrongfully ceased. You can appeal if this is the case, but be sure to speak with a Social Security attorney beforehand.

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