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So you've been in a car wreck, and you're probably a bit confused about where to start. You've been injured and your car has as well - don't worry, things aren't quite as bad as they seem. Odds are the insurance adjuster has contacted you, and you're dealing with this "pal" of yours asking for a statement or for you to sign forms. That's a whole different story. We're talking about your Virginia personal injury case regarding...

Setting Your Property Damage Claim

I know I've shared bad news with you about the fact that you'll have to deal with a difficult insurance company which will pretend to be your friend, but now I've got some good news. There isn't a specific order you have to handle your claim when it comes to personal injury or property damage. They're two separate things, which is great as you don't have to stress and add that to your list of things to worry about. 

When you go to handle the property damage claim, feel free to work with the insurance company, where they will either want to repair your car or just total it. You'll most likely receive a check then have to sign a release form, but here's the key - make sure the release form is only for the property damage and not the personal injury. This could be a sneaky tactic, so make sure you're aware of what exactly is in front of you that you're signing.

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