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One of our former clients hired us after the lawyer she hired first left his firm to start a new practice, and she did not want to be a "test case." Her mother, having saved a newspaper article that mentioned Ben Glass, begged her to make the call

The case was long and hard (the large cases are almost always very challenging) and after the case was over, she wrote us this nice note:

Now I AM telling you, CALL BEN GLASS. Grab a coffee, it may take a few minutes for me to truly tell you about my experience(s) with Ben Glass" Ben Glass has been such a huge impact on my life. If it wasn't for him, I would've lost my case.  

I actually have had the medical misfortune causing me to be a frequent filer with Ben & his highly competent staff. Two unlikely medical mishaps-one in 2005, the other two years later, both life-altering. With the 1st one, once I was out of the woods, a friend of a friend recommended a personal injury attorney, (Not Ben Glass) and I signed with him. In VA you only have two years to file from the date of injury, and just before that date, this lawyer decided to leave the practice he was in, strike out on his own. Best thing that ever happened to me.

I had to sign with him, and told my mom I was having second thoughts. My mom helped; who is always right pulled an article that she had been saving from a few years back, out of her secretary.

I know I mentioned this man to you before, but you were too overwhelmed to interview more than one, so you went with the advice of your friend. Now I AM telling you, CALL BEN GLASS. She had read his name in the paper on several occasions, this one in particular was an article reported in the Washington Post about a difficult case involving an HMO, which I was a member of. I took the article, and her advice, and thanked God for His guidance too. Thankful that I didn't allow my guilt for taking away what the other lawyer assured me was going to be the cornerstone of his new practice- meaning to convince me it would be priority #1- but to me translated into one he was going to be cutting his teeth on. And thankful that I had another lawyer to compare Ben to. 

After going through the outstanding efficient screening process Ben has created and put in place with your first call to his office, I felt confident that 1st meeting was not going to be a waste of my time or Ben's. I left not sure who had actually interviewed who, but feeling a whole lot better about my case. He and his office staff jumped right on it. But when the initial flurry of paperwork had been caught up, I was able to catch my breath and knew they'd let me know what was next and when they needed me.

The office frequently touts their communication policy, and they should, because it works! When the time came to focus on my case, they were on it, 100%, no distractions. We were ready to go to trial because the insurance company waited until the last minute to show an interest in mediation. In the end, mediation was a success. Ben and his staff was consistently organized, thorough, professional and always exhibited integrity in dealing with “the other side”. I think I fared well because of his reputation for that, in both cases. 


Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized ERISA disability & life insurance attorney in Fairfax, VA.