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This is a review of the Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.,  long-term disability insurance plan. We have represented many long-term disability insurance claimants who were employed by Booz Allen. Though the plan mentions Aetna, Hartford now manages claims.

This plan receives a "5-Star" rating from BenGlassLaw.

This review is of a plan with an effective date of January 1, 2012. This review is conducted in June 2021. If you have an updated Plan for us to review please send it to us and we will review it.

Definition of Disability [standard benefits]

For the first 18 months of disability payments ("own occupation") you are disabled if you "cannot perform the material duties of your own occupation solely because of disease or injury and your work earnings are 80% or less of your adjusted pre-disability earnings."

After the first 24 months of benefits, you will be deemed disabled if you are unable to work at any reasonable occupation because of disease or injury.

reasonable occupation is "any gainful activity for which you are or may reasonably become fitted by: education training or experience in which results in or can be expected to result in an income of more than 60% of your adjusted pre-disability earnings.

Comment by BenGlassLaw: the Booz Allen Hamilton long-term disability plan provides the type of group disability coverage that we see most good companies provide. 

Limitations in the policy [standard limitations]

The policy limits to 24 months benefits for

  • "a mental health or psychiatric condition, including physical manifestations of these conditions, but excluding conditions with demonstrable, structural brain damage; or
  • alcohol and/or drug abuse.


Recommendation: employees of Booz Allen Hamilton should consult with an experienced insurance broker and inquire about purchasing individual disability insurance. This is a pretty good plan as far as group disability insurance plans go. The problem is that all group disability insurance plans are weaker than most every individual plan you can get on the market.

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