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BenGlassLaw was founded in 1995 with one goal in mind: to empower consumers to make great decisions about their injury and disability claims. While there are many good lawyers in our area, our firm files more than 80% of all long-term disability benefit cases in Virginia. We have a terrific, well-trained, team and our non-lawyer disability team knows more about ERISA governed long-term disabilty claims than 99.9% of all lawyers in the United States.

But there's more--we listen. Here is what one happy client wrote about us after her long-term disability clam was completed.

Ben is a great listener who takes the time to understand the case, explains the proposed strategy, and then executes--keeping the client informed at every step along the way. He puts the screws to those who deserve it, and is fair as a negotiator--leading to just and quick results. He's the only long-term disability lawyer in Northern Virginia that makes insurance companies sit up and pay attention. Thank goodness fate led me to Ben when I was disabled and needed insurers to make good on their promises. He';s a model for others to emulate.

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized ERISA disability & life insurance attorney in Fairfax, VA.