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We Teach Other Attorneys What the Insurance Companies Don’t Want Them to KnowHow Our Disability Appeals Seminar is Changing the Game for ERISA Long and Short-Term Claimants All Over the Nation

Few attorneys are versed in ERISA disability claims. Disability claims that fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) are intimidating to appeal, and few attorneys know the process. Many people who have had their claims denied have a hard time finding a lawyer to help them. Even worse, claimants find a “settlement mill” that puts no real effort into the appeal and settles their claim for pennies on the dollar. Disabled clients deserve so much better.

BenGlassLaw's first ERISA seminarThe insurance companies make money by denying claims because too few claimants can find a lawyer in the limited time that they must appeal a denial. That is why BenGlassLaw has started a series of seminars to teach other attorneys how they can help disability claimants whose claims were denied by their insurance company, including Cigna, Prudential, Lincoln Financial, Liberty Mutual, Hartford, Mutual of Omaha, Lincoln National, and others.

Fourteen law firms attended our first ERISA Disability Appeals Seminar in June 2019. These attorneys paid $8000 to learn from attorney Ben Glass and BenGlassLaw Insurance Appeals Department Head Ellen Bresnahan. Our disability team taught these attorneys about our ERISA disability process and how we help our clients and their families. Attorneys from Arizona to Alabama to Michigan left our Training Center determined to start helping people who’ve been denied disability.

Our entire disability appeals team laid out our step-by-step process, from:

  • what we do during a client’s first phone consultation
  • how we help clients during their in-person consultation with Ben
  • strategizing and writing an appeal that has the best chance of getting the client back their benefits
  • filing and winning a lawsuit in Federal Court to get the client the benefits due to them

ERISA disability claims are notoriously complicated. Even a respected federal judge has said claimants who start the disability claims process without an attorney are at a distinct disadvantage and often face a loaded deck. The complexity of these claims, and the work of insurance companies protecting their financial interests, has led to a massive demand for ERISA attorneys. BenGlassLaw is working to fill this gap through our education programs for attorneys to make sure clients all over the nation get the help they need.

How You Can Find a BenGlassLaw Trained ERISA Long-Term Disability Attorney

If your ERISA disability claim has been denied, you may be struggling to find an experienced disability attorney. There are relatively few attorneys available with experience in ERISA long-term and short-term disability claims, but you have options.

We Help Clients Make Smart Decisions About Their Legal Issues

ERISA claims are governed by Federal law, meaning that any attorney with ERISA experience in the nation can help you with your claim. BenGlassLaw offers in-person consultations to Virginia claimants who’ve been denied long-term or short-term disability, and we also are equipped for video conferences for claimants who live outside of Northern Virginia. If for whatever reasons we aren’t the right attorney for you, we can recommend several who’ve attended our ERISA seminar and who know our disability appeals process.

The insurance company is betting that you’re not going to find an attorney to help with your case. Call us before that happens and let us help you get the disability benefits you need and deserve.

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized ERISA disability & life insurance attorney in Fairfax, VA.