We make brighter futures happen through our legal services and through our commitment to giving back to the communities in which we live, work, and do business. At BenGlassLaw. we help people make great decisions for their legal issues, but we don't just stop there. Our work in local schools has been featured in publications such as the Fairfax Connection, Fairfax County Times, and InsideNova. Ben Glass is a dedicated youth soccer referee (since 1974), and through our Sportsmanship Challenge program he has donated over $9,000 to local soccer programs.

Below you will find a collection of articles about our community involvement. Feel free to browse and see how we have made a positive contribution to thousands of lives in Northern Virginia and throughout the country!

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  • 2020 BenGlassLaw October Newsletter In this issue: Celebrating 25 Years of Living Life Big, BGL Insider: What We Are Working On, Celebrate 25 Years of BenGlassLaw With a FREE Limited Edition T-Shirt!, BGL’s Best Bites: Vegan Apple Cinnamon Loaf, And more...
  • 2020 BenGlassLaw September Newsletter In this issue: Amazon Has Created the Grocery Store of the Future, What’s Next?, Ben’s Superpower, Keeping Up With the BenGlassLaw Team, BGL’s Best Bites: Copycat Crunchwrap Supreme, and more...
  • 2020 BenGlassLaw August Newsletter Inside this issue: Be Wise, Sanitize, Letter to the Editor, BGL’s Best Bites: Aunt Cynthia’s Cool Summer Gazpacho, And more...
  • 2020 July BenGlassLaw Newsletter In this issue: My Child’s Camp Canceled, Can I Get A Refund?, Letter to the Editor, The VIP Program is a Big Hit, and You Can Join Free!, BGL’s Best Bites: Peach Cobbler, and more...
  • 2020 June BenGlassLaw Newsletter In this issue: Fairfax County’s Get2Green Program is Teaching Students How to Protect the Environment, There are No Excuses Left for the Lack of a Good Education in America, The 2020 Virtual Esophageal Cancer Walk/Run, and BGL’s Best Bites: Eli’s Vegetarian Moussaka
  • 2020 May BenGlassLaw Newsletter In this issue: Local Small Businesses Need Your Help, What Plans are Subject to ERISA?, BGL's Best Bites: Ham Fried Rice in the Rice Cooker, and Letter to the Editor
  • 2020 April BenGlassLaw Newsletter In this issue: The 2020 Sportsmanship Challenge is Cancelled, Dr. Mark Franke joins the LiveLifeBig Podcast and BGL's Best Bites.
  • Contacting BenGlassLaw During the Coronavirus BenGlassLaw’s office is open with limited staff, and all our paralegals and attorneys are working from home or working in the office.
  • 2020 March BenGlassLaw Newsletter In this issue: Self-Driving Uber Vehicles in D.C.; Dr. John Dombrowski of the Washington Pain Center, joins the LiveLifeBig Podcast and BGL's Best Bites.
  • 2020 February BenGlassLaw Newsletter In this issue: Food for Other hosting Flights For Food; Alex, owner of Athletic Equation, joins the LiveLifeBig Podcast and BGL's Best Bites.
  • 2020 January BenGlassLaw Newsletter In this issue: The DMV is Home to 9 of the 20 RICHEST COUNTIES in America, Beating Silicon Valley, Local Store Provides FREE CLOTHING Year-Round to CHILDREN of Low Income Families, and BGL's Best Bites
  • 2019 December BenGlassLaw Newsletter In this issue: Virginia Aviation Gives Go Ahead for Delivery Drones, BGL Sponsors Youth Soccer Team in Cambodia, and BGL's Best Bites