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James Brown - St. Louis, MO: In today's economy, Brown's free book, Get Out of Debt - 5 Secrets Your Creditors Don't Want You to Know, holds a greater impact than ever.  The law office's slogan of "big firm results with a small firm feel" represents their goal of actually helping clients and providing the assistance only lawyers can provide.  James Brown will help clients find ways to get their life back on track to avoid complete financial collapse.  Having helped over 30,000 financially distressed clients in Missouri and Illinois, James Brown's Castle Law Office is prepared to help you through tough times.

Worker's Compensation

Brent Adams - Dunn, NC: When seeking worker's compensation in North Carolina, make sure to read How to Get Top Dollar for Your Worker's Compensation Claim, a free text made available to you by Brent Adams.  Brent knows the value of time and will aim for a quick resolution to your case, letting you get your life back on track.  In addition to worker's comp, Brent deals with dog bites, medical malpractice, automobile accidents, and ERISA disability insurance.  For your North Carolina law needs, contact Brent Adams to learn about hiring a North Carolina attorney.

Michele Lewane - Richmond, VA: Michele takes pride in not taking on a high volume of cases and often recommends that workers with minor injuries settle on their own to receive the most money for their case.  She offers Virginia residents free copies of the Ultimate Guide to Worker's Compensation in Virginia.  If Michele Lewane does accept your case, you can feel reassured that your case will have constant, personal attention and that you will be given frequent, honest advice.

Personal Injury/Auto Accident

Gary Rosenberg - New York: With two free books available to the public including Warning! Things That Can Destroy Your Car Accident Case and Good Lawyers Don't Call You First,
Gary's interest in educating his potential clients sets him apart from other New York lawyers.  He's the man to talk to for your New York personal injury case.  Make no mistake, Gary Rosenberg cares about his clients and will fight for the best settlement possible.

Mark Anderson - Fort Worth, TX: If you want a Fort Worth attorney interested in reducing the stress of your personal injury, car accident or wrongful death case for you and your family, make sure you contact Mark Anderson.  Mark offers Texas residents his free book 15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Case, which has 127 pages of information ranging from what to look for when hiring a Fort Worth attorney to what it takes to have a valid Fort Worth injury claim.

James Ballidis - Newport Beach, CA: If you have been injured in an accident in California, call the Accident Recovery Hotline at 1-866-981-5596 for free advice.  Before your search for an attorney in Newport Beach, make sure to order Avoid Lawyer Advertising Hype!  James Ballidis has made this book available to California residents for free.  This book exposes how a lawyer would go about finding another lawyer for him or her in a different speciality.  Take a look behind the scenes when it comes to finding a California attorney thanks to James Ballidis.

Brian Beckom - Houston, TX: If you want to learn more than you could ever want to know about your personal injury and/or maritime law case, make sure to check out Brian's website.  His free books include Insider's Guides to winning both your Texas Car Accident Case and Texas Truck Accident Case.  Brian Beckom provides you with the inside information to prepare with talking to the insurance adjuster, hiring the best Texas attorney for your case, and much more.

John Bisnar - Los Angeles, CA: With a success rate of nearly 97.8%, John Bisnar and Brian Chase are premiere attorney operating out of Newport Beach, CA, but serve the areas of Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco.  They offer Still Unsafe at Any Speed and The Seven Fatal Mistakes, about auto defects that can cause injury and about missteps that can wreck your personal injury case, respectively.  Both are free for California residents and represent a combined value of $45.  Their law firm is prepared to handle a wide variety of cases.

Chris Davis - Seattle, WA: There are four free reports available to Washington residents courtesy of Chris Davis that cover dog bites, auto accidents, wrongful death and child accidents.  Chris has been recognized as a top lawyer by for four years running and received their Rising Star award in 2006.  In addition, he has been a Top 100 Lawyer as judged by the American Trial Lawyers Association for the past four years.  With a press room devoted to helping you get to know more about the firm, Chris Davis is a top choice for Washington residents who have been the victim of an accident and/or injury.

Charles E. Boyk - Toledo, OH: Whether it's a workplace injury, medical negligence, auto accident or poisoning that you're dealing with, Charles E. Boyk is prepared to come to your aid.  His six seperate informational books ranging in topics from dog bites to wrongful death are available for free to Ohio residents.  He even has a whole book devoted to child injury cases.  Charles E. Boyk provides exceptional service and care for his clients from his law firm out of Toledo, Ohio.

Mark and Alexis Breyer - Phoenix, AZ: This husband and wife law team has a proven track record in injury law.  Their prospective clients can order The 13 Biggest Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Arizona Injury Case and should feel confident in the fact that Mark is a certified specialist in injury law, which is a distinction bestowed upon less than 2% of Arizona attorneys.  Their awards hardly end there.  After taking a look at the client testimonials and lists of commendations for the Breyers, it will be clear that they are a top choice for Arizona citizens interested in pursuing a personal injury case.

William Davis - Rocky Mount, VA: The case results of Williams Davis speak for themselves when it comes to his excellence as a personal injury and auto accident attorney.  As a member of the Davis, Davis, Davis & Davis, P.C. law firm, William serves the citizens of Roanoke, Virginia and the surrounding area.

James Dodson - Clearwater, FL: Dealing in wrongful death and auto accidents, James Dodson is happy to provide Florida residents with four free information guides to learn more about their legal situations, including slip and fall cases and wrongful death cases.  With a 25-year history of successfully helping clients recover from their injuries, the Dodson law office can provide you with quality, caring law help in your time of need.

Jason Epstein - Seattle, WA: As the founder of Straight Talk Law, Jason Epstein is committed to providing quality free information to Washington residents.  Practicing auto accident, wrongful death, and personal injury, Epstein is capable of guiding you and your family members through those stressful times after an accident and/or injury.  Just take a look at what his clients have to say.

John P. Harris III - Fredericksburg, VA: Been injured in Fredericksburg?  Before you go and hire an attorney, take a look at The Smart Consumer's Guide to Hiring a Great Lawyer and a guide to Your Personal Injury Case, provided to you free by John P. Harris III.  Having been a pilot in the U.S. Navy for nine years, John knows the value of serving and protecting the people.  That same philosophy is now part of his exceptional practice in Fredericksburg.

Ross Jurewitz - San Diego, CA: The website of the Jurewitz law group is so full of information, you could spend months learning all that they have to tell you.  But if you have been in a car accident in the San Diego area, start with The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Can Destroy Your California Accident Case.  Your San Diego car accident is worth investing the time in learning all you can and Ross Jurewitz is the man to help you out.

Patrick Kang - Seattle, WA: Like Jason Epstein, Patrick Kang is a member of the Premier Law Group and works with Straight Talk Law to provide Washington residents with high-quality educational materials.  As with any attorney in the Premier Law Group, you can expect exceptional commitment and concern with your individual case.  Patrick Kang doesn't just look for the easy settlement, he is prepared to go to trial with you and fight for your rights.

Thomas Kiley, Sr. - Andover, MA: For 30 years, the Kiley Law Group has represented accident victims and Tom Kiley has earned the ni/ckname "The Million Dollar Man" due to his success earning large settlements for families.  He takes pride in taking the time to fully understand the issues facing you and your family.  Tom keeps a long list of resources available to his potential clients, so check it out today to prepare for the future.

James Parrish - Manassas, VA: Having previously worked for the insurance companies, James Parrish understands want the insurance companies are trying to do.  He knows the mistakes that other attorneys make when trying to take on "the big guys."  To help you prepare, James Parrish offers, for free, The Virginia Car Accident Guide.  If you are preparing to take on the insurance company, contact James Parrish.

Jeffrey Rasansky - Dallas, TX: Covering a wide variety of personal injury areas, Jeff Rasansky is a nationally recognized lawyer.  He publishes a law blog that provides information on his areas of practice and contains plenty of superb information for personal injury victims interested in learning more about their potential case.  In addition, he has published information guides for each of his areas of practice to provide his potential clients with up-to-date advice on their area of need.

James Roswold and Heather Lottman - Kansas City, MO: The Roswold Law Group is a place "where accident victims and their families come first."  In order to help you look out for yourself and your family, James offers the 10 Essential Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Injury Claim for free to Missouri and Kansas residents.  If you have been the victim of an accident, make sure to contact the Roswold Law Group to become one of their many satisfied clients.

Michael Schafer - Louisville, KY: If you're thinking of buying auto insurance in Kentucky or are pursuing a car accident case, make sure to read Michael Schafer's free books on each subject.  The Schafer law office provides excellence in personal injury law for Kentucky residents.  If you have any questions about personal injury cases in Kentucky, look no further than the FAQs section of the website and if yours isn't listed, ask Mike a question using the form in the sidebar.

Corey Walker - Newton, IA: Representing the people of Iowa is the passion of Corey Walker as he works through the law firm of Walker, Billingsley and Blair.  Having worked his way through college and law school, Corey knows the value your time and money.  With his firm providing a wide assortment of free consumer guides, Corey is able to ensure that his clients are well-educated and prepared to handle the process of getting a good settlement for their case.

ERISA Disability/Social Security

Nancy Cavey - St. Petersburg, FL: In the tricky areas of Social Security and disability law, Nancy Cavey has the experience to deal with the nuances and subtleties that can wreck a claim.  To help the people of Florida, she has released a number of free books, including The Smart Long Term Disability Consumer Guide and Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits.  In addition to disability and social security law, Nancy Cavey is active in the field of worker's compensation.


Bob Battle - Richmond, VA: As the premiere DUI, reckless driving and speeding attorney in Richmond, VA, Bob Battle offers Virginia residents The Shocking Truth About Reckless Driving/Speeding in Virginia and How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Virginia for free.  Bob knows that you deserve to have a real attorney working on your case, not a paralegal or new associate.  Bob's over 25 years of litigation experience have prepared him to fight hard for your rights in Richmond and Eastern Virginia.


Vaughan de Kirby - San Francisco, CA: As an international law advisor since 1981, Vaughan de Kirby has the expertise needed to operate in the area of immigration law, in addition to being perfectly situated in San Francisco.  His information is also available in Korean.  His books, The Investor's Path to a Green Card and Business Owners' Guide to United States Residency L-1 Visa, are must reads for immigrating business men and women.  Vaugan is also prepared to deal with auto accidents and criminal defense cases in the San Francisco area.

Estate Planning

Dave Frees - Phoenixville, PA: If you have just bought a new home or have had a new baby, you need to make sure you have a new will prepared.  Dave Frees is just the man to see about such circumstances, in addition to preparing asset protection.  Estate planning is the speciality of Frees and he has dealt with large estates including those of executives for large companies.  Just take a look at what everyone from Jim Agnew of the YMCA to high-level executives have to say about Dave Frees and his law office.

Divorce/Child Custody

Charlie Hofheimer - Virginia Beach, VA: All Virginia women dealing with a divorce and/or child custody case must read Charlie Hofheimer's What Every Virginia Woman Should Know About Divorce.  The free education gained by reading this guide is priceless for a woman who wants to know what she can do when going through a Virginia divorce.  Charlie Hofheimer's unique law practice serves only the women of Virginia and they have plenty of good things to say about the Hofheimer/Ferrebee law firm.


Charles Internicola - New York City, NY: People looking to build a business or purchase a franchise should do themselves a great service and read Charles Internicola's Entrepreneur's Guide to Purchasing a Business or Franchise.  In addition, if you are looking to franchise your business, make sure to contact Charles by phone or by sending his law firm a message through their contact form.  Charles Internicola is a wealth of information for people looking to gain some wealth themselves through their new and/or old business.