Good representation just isn't cheap - plain and simple! But if you want to cut corners on investing in a good attorney, you may be making a fatal mistake for your personal injury case. You've been in an accident, and things just aren't pretty. That's fine, but don't let the negative situation get any worse with a bad settlement or verdict.

I'm sure you're a bit turned off to the idea of taking on a personal injury attorney. After all, we've all heard lawyers aren't "trustworthy" and are just trying to "rip you off". Well, those common myths have some truth to the them if you go with the attorneys that are sending runners to you while you're laying in the hospital bed or even knocking on your door after a car wreck.

Yes, this happens and NO it's not pretty, but don't let it push you away from meeting with a board certified personal injury attorney who could help you win your case! 

Consider this… a 1999 study found that insurance companies pay higher settlements to insured people who use an attorney than those who do not. Also, in 1999 insurance companies performed this study to reveal if people who had accident claims received more money in their settlements through using an attorney rather than representing themselves. In this study, the Insurance Research Council (IRC) found that people who use an attorney received on average, 3.5 times more money in settlement than those who settled on their own, without legal representation.

Those facts are just that...facts! It shouldn't take much for you to realize that at least meeting with an attorney might make a difference in your personal injury case! Yes, there's always a chance that you could settle your own case, but just meeting with a personal injury attorney will highlight your options.

Here's a little secret: every good personal injury attorney should have a package they can send to you before they try and drag you into their office. This will probably include a number of consumer guides which should help you decide firsthand whether you even need to meet with a personal injury attorney in the first place!

Please claim a copy of my free book.  It can answer most, if not all of your questions about your personal injury case. For more information, and to find out whether or not you need a lawyer, click on this link and get started with The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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