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There are a lot of ways to win your Fredericksburg, Virginia personal injury case, especially if the other party is completely at fault. However, there are also a number of ways to lose your case even when the other party is completely at fault. Whether or not you are my client, I don’t want to see your damage award in the pockets of greedy insurance companies. Learn to avoid these easy perils which can make or break your case. Ignore my advice and you may doom your case.

Check your tax returns

When you were at home recovering from your car wreck, you probably weren’t getting paid. This likely means you have had some level of lost income. Will you definitely be able to collect? Make sure your tax returns have been completely in line for the past few years, and you’ll be getting that delayed paycheck you’ve been waiting for.

Be completely honest with your attorney

The cost of a Private Investigator probably isn’t nearly as high as the payout for your allegedly painful personal injury. This is the way the insurance company sees your accident, and you should look at it this way too if you want a good chance at winning.

Not only could the insurance company have someone spying on your every move, but now with how global our world has become, and how connected we are with social media, you better not be caught dancing on Facebook or YouTube the day after your “injured your leg”. This is pretty self explanatory – fake it, and you’ll look like a fool!

Don’t make these mistakes and leave your money in the hands of insurance companies. Check out our free consumer guide The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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