You Found It: Ben Glass's Outrageous Attorney Guarantee

Here it is: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are more than six million yearly auto accidents in the United States, resulting in over 38,000 fatalities. This includes car accidentsmotorcycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, and truck accidents.

All over the Internet and on TV, radio, and print media, you can read about settlements and verdicts in personal injury cases across the United States. And with 6 million yearly accidents, you may be tempted to compare your case to that of another person--often times reading only what others want you to read on websites, newspapers and the like.

Don't do it. It can't be done. However tempted you may be to compare your case to another, it's impossible.

In fact, what you don't see, are the thousands of cases that are lost each year (we lose them, just like every other law firm in the history of the United States) and the cases in which juries return verdicts that are lower than expected. You don't often see or hear about the cases that are overturned or reversed on appeal.

US Government statistics show that about five percent of personal injury cases go to trial (many experts say that 90 percent of those cases end up losing!) and the other 95 percent of personal injury cases are settled pretrial. In cases that do go to trial and win, a trial judge is likely to grant more compensation compared to a jury.

The fact is that there is no case exactly like your case. Never has been, never will be. You are unique. Your case is unique.

We guarantee it.

Here's another thing we guarantee. Because each individual and each case is unique, we guarantee we will treat you like the unique person you are. We handle each case one by one--we guarantee it. That's very important to me and that's the way I have been handling my cases since 1983. One by one. 

Do you have a question for Ben and his team after reading this outrageous guarantee? Just go to to submit your question, or pick up the phone and call us at the number listed at the top of this page.

What to Expect When You Call Us

You will speak to our Client Care Specialist about your case. They will ask you:

  • Where did the accident happen?
  • What were your injuries?
  • Was there a police report?
  • What happened just before the accident?
  • What happened just after the accident?
  • Who was in the vehicle with you?
  • What medical treatment did you receive following the accident?
  • Did the accident cause you to miss work or other appointments?
  • Has the insurance company communicated with you?

Our Client Care Specialist will make you an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys. If we do not take your specific type of case, we will refer you to one of our attorney partners who can best assist you.

After your call, you will receive an introductory toolkit with information about your case and resources you can use.

In the meantime, if you would like to start researching personal injury information on your own, you can download our free books, 5 Deadly Sins that will Wreck Your Injury Claim and GetItSettled. These books can help you start thinking about your car accident case. If you have a small car accident case, GetItSettled can show you how to settle this case yourself!

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