You Found It: Ben Glass's Outrageous Attorney Guarantee

Here it is: Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured or killed by the carelessness of others. This includes car accidents, slip and falls, pedestrian injuries, and truck accidents.

Almost 100, 000 are killed by medical malpractice alone.

All over the Internet and on TV, radio and the print media, you can read about settlements and verdicts in personal injury cases across the United States. You may be tempted to compare your case to that of another person--often times reading only what others want you to read on websites, newspapers and the like.

Don't do it. It can't be done. However tempted you may be to compare your case to another, it's impossible.

In fact, what you don't see, are the thousands of cases that are lost each year (we lose 'em, just like every other law firm in the history of the United States) and the cases in which juries return verdicts that are lower than expected. You don't often see or hear about the cases that are overturned or reversed on appel.

There is no case exactly like your case. Never has been, never will be. You are unique. Your case is unique.

We guarantee it.

Here's another thing we guarantee. Because each individual and each case is unique, we guarantee we will treat you like the unique person you are. We handle each case one by one--we guarantee it. That's very important to me and that's the way I have been handling my cases since 1983. One by one. 

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