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Are you eligible for social security disability benefits?There are specific requirements someone must meet to be eligible to receive Virginia Social Security Disability Benefits: being disabled and having a good work history or requiring high financial help.

The Social Security Administration and doctors each have their separate definitions of "disabled." The SSA's definition is stringent, resulting in a long, arduous process of proving disability and receiving benefits. Contributing to the Social Security Disability system while working and becoming disabled at a profitable time in your work history before your work credits expire qualifies you for benefits as well. The benefit amount received will depend on how much of your money went into the system, and this can be reviewed on your Social Security statement. You can find out more about how to review your statement by downloading our free guide to Virginia Social Security Disability Claims, or you can call us at (703) 584-7277 to have a physical copy mailed to you.

Within the Social Security Disability benefits, there are two types you can receive: Disability Insurance Benefits or Supplemental Security Income. Disability Insurance Benefits is for those who have a good work history and contributed to the Social Security Disability system. Supplemental Security Income is for those who are labeled as disabled by the SSA but still require a high amount of financial help. SSI will be able to provide some financial support to them. You must show that you require high financial aid to be eligible meaning you must have less than $2000 in assets, or $3000 if married, and a small household income.

These two requirements can help you determine if you are eligible for disability benefits and which type. Please call us at (703) 584-7277 or review your downloadable guide if you still have questions over benefits eligibility.

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