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There are many steps to long-term disability claim. First you file your claim. If the claim is denied you must appeal. The appeal goes right back to the same insurance company. (How weird is that?) Then, even if they approve you they will often fight you on the amount you were owed. If they don't approve you then you have to sue them. Even if they do approve you they might just yank the benefits from you several years later.

For some clients we end up fighting with the insurance company over and over for years on end. Here is a story that one client told after hiring BenGlassLaw and battling with Aetna.

Amazing How Insurance Companies Keep Kicking People- Dealing with Aetna's long-term disability department was so frustrating. 

Ben was there to help! It's been a series of appealing, but Ben Glass is helping me receive what the insurance company owes me

When I came to Ben for help, I had already appealed to Aetna three times for short-term disability. I  was denied each time even though I had provided all information requested and then some. Ben reviewed my situation and felt we had a good case, so we proceeded. Shortly thereafter Aetna settled and said I should have no problem receiving long-term disability.

Then, with Ben's help, I applied for long-term disability and it started all over again. They denied the initial application, so we appealed. Then they approved it but did not pay as much as they should have. We appealed again and they paid some more. We are still currently working to get all that I am due.


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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized ERISA disability & life insurance attorney in Fairfax, VA.