Six types of car accidents that don't need an attorney.I wrote my book, Get it Settled: The Accident Victim’s Guide to Settling Your Case Without Hiring a Lawyer, to show people that it's possible to handle your own accident case without my help. Of course, not all cases are like this – serious injuries that cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills are definitely an example of when you should to hire a Fairfax accident attorney. 

But if you’re in a situation where all you have is a mild case of whiplash and a broken arm, you’re not going to have much in the way of medical expenses that your insurance company won’t take care of. There are six classic cases of accidents that may almost always be resolved without the help of a lawyer. 

Accident Case One – All You Have is Minor Property Damage 

This is mostly for car accidents when the only damage is a dented bumper or a banged-in passenger door. If your car still is safely drivable and you have the right car insurance coverage, your own insurance company is all you need to deal with when seeking compensation for repairs.

Accident Case Two – Your Injuries are Just Minor Scrapes and Strains 

As long as you’re not facing extended hospitalization, major surgery, or long-term or permanent disability, you’ve probably got an accident case that can be settled without a lawyer. Even the bare minimum for car insurance limits (in Virginia that’s $25,000 per person, and it’s higher or lower in other states) should cover most minor injuries, especially if you don’t require any serious medical care or are out of work for an extended period of time. 

Accident Case Three – You Didn’t Need Immediate Care or Much E.R. Time 

If you didn’t need to seek immediate medical care and just went to a chiropractor for a stiff neck, you might not need a Fairfax accident attorney. If you only had a short trip to the emergency room and got some painkillers and an arm sling, you may not need a lawyer. As long as your injuries aren’t serious and do not involve extended hospitalization, surgery, or lifelong disability, you probably don’t need a lawyer to settle your accident claim. 

Keep reading for three more situations in which you may not require a lawyer to settle your claim. 

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