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There are three major things you should be seeking compensation for in an accident case, your: 

  • medical expenses
  • lost wages; and
  • damaged property.  

This means you’ll need to provide evidence of these losses and damages, but not all evidence the insurance adjuster will ask for will be necessary. 

Medical Expenses 

When seeking compensation for medical expenses all the insurance adjusters and insurance companies need are your: 

  • current bills;
  • doctor’s prognosis for future treatment expenses; and
  • medical records related to the accident injuries only.  

What are the three things I should be compensated for in my car accident case?Any past medical records unrelated to your accident are NOT necessary and in fact, can be used against your accident case by your insurance company. 

Property Damage 

Claiming property damage compensation is where you’ll need repair estimates or a statement for a mechanic that your vehicle is beyond reasonable repair. 

Your insurance company may say they require you to go to a certain facility, and that may not always be the best option. Make sure you give them the estimates from your own mechanics to help get the most value for your settlement. 

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