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What is the difference between misdiagnosis and failure to diagnosis?When a doctor fails to diagnose a serious condition, the signs are often overlooked, allowing the disease to persist and often grow worse. Misdiagnosis can also result in the serious condition being overlooked, but also often results in the wrong treatment being given, sometimes leading to further complicating treatment of the original condition.

Failure to diagnose a condition and misdiagnosis of a condition can both result in the same fact: The serious condition you are suffering from has been ignored. The danger of failure to diagnose is that because the condition is not properly diagnosed, it cannot be treated, often allowing it to only get worse.

Misdiagnosis is a two-fold danger of medical malpractice as not only is the serious condition not identified, but you may be going through unnecessary or harmful treatment for a condition you do not have. The unnecessary or wrongful treatments resulting from a misdiagnosis will create additional medical bills, as well as create the danger of further aggravating your actual condition.

Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose are most commonly seen with cancer, although heart attacks and stroke are also common conditions that are often negligently handled. When your doctor fails to properly identify your condition and you suffer injury from that lack of scrutiny, you are eligible to file a medical malpractice claim for medical negligence.

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