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What happens when the person who caused the accident lies to their insurance company?If the at-fault driver lies about their car accident to their insurance company, they are only hurting themselves. If there is documentation, like a police report, to support your claim, the insurance company will disregard the lies of the other driver.

However, there are times that lies can complicate car accident cases. This is particularly common if a driver lies about who was at fault. They share a different version of events with the insurance company, and suddenly the insurance company is denying your claim. It helps to have a police report showing the other driver was ticketed, but sometimes that is not enough.

In Virginia, if you are at-fault for an accident, even 1% at fault, then you are barred from recovery. If the other driver lies and says you caused the accident in some small way, then you will have to prove your version of events.

Ideally, you will have witnesses willing to support your claim. However, this information can be hard to obtain without a Virginia personal injury attorney. If the other driver is lying, and their insurance company believes you are at fault, consult with an attorney right away. It is very likely you will have to fight for compensation for your injuries in this scenario.

Keep in mind, the other driver's insurance company will be more likely to believe their insured's version of events. If they are making a decision based on inaccurate information, you will need to prove your side of the story.

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