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There is no official time limit to see a doctor. What the insurance company is saying is that they do not believe that your doctor visit, five months after the accident, is for any injury the accident caused. They are saying that you won't be able to convince a jury of that. So, while there is no official time limit, they are betting that you won't be able to prove the connection.

There are two main reasons that not seeing the doctor as soon as possible can hurt your case if it makes it in front of a jury:

  1. If your injury wasn't serious enough to warrant medical attention early on, then it probably wasn't a very serious injury - at least that is what juries think.
  2. A jury will be more sympathetic to a victim who took the intiative to get the care they needed, rather than waiting. They are less likely to want to give a significant reward to someone who didn't take care of themselves in the best way possible.

Each case is different, but in the vast majority of car accident cases, you won't get compensation after waiting five months to see any doctor and trying to connect that injury with the accident. The insurance company will probably win that battle.

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