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The practice area a lawyer advertises is mainly used draw in potential clients. Of course, a good lawyer only advertises a practice area if he or she dedicates a good portion of the practice to handling those types of cases. However, that’s not always the situation. 

Anyone can advertise as, say, a personal injury lawyer in Richmond as long as he or she is in good standing with the Virginia State Bar. Lawyers can decide to establish a practice area in any sort of law, but just because they list “motorcycle accidents” as a practice area doesn’t guarantee they handle a lot of those claims. 

Does an attorney's practice area matter?I have seen lawyer advertisements that read like a bullet list rather than an informative piece of literature. They list more practice areas than you care to imagine, and some are obscure, like "left-hand turn motorcycle accidents." While it’s good for personal injury lawyers to have various niches in their practice, it can be wrongfully interpreted in some situations. 

Personal injury lawyers without a good focus may advertise every general practice area. This way, they get a big response from clients, and either can pick the cases they want or stretch themselves thin by taking too many cases they can’t handle. 

Don’t Go for a Personal Injury Lawyer with Practice Area Fever 

Attorneys who advertise one practice area after another shouldn’t convince you that they’re good at any of them. Likewise, personal injury lawyers who don’t advertise a practice area may be generalizing their practice as well.

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