Insurance companies in Virginia personal injury cases often nickle and dime claimants, in an effort to save money.  It is not often, however, that they are so blatant about denying claims for chiropractic care.

Here's the scoop: the insurance company for the person who hit you is under NO obligation to pay you anything!  Whether they make you an offer and how much they offer is dependent on one thing only--whether, if the case goes to trial, they believe they will have to pay the bill.

So an automobile accident case in Virginia, an insurance company may legally take the position that it doesn't owe all or a portion of your medical bills you claim you incurred as a result of the accident.  If you disagree, then you should consult an experienced personal injury attorney in your area (read The Truth About Lawyer Advertising and Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Virginia Accident Case first) and then decide whether to "take them to court."

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