Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Insurance Disputes

Below are some initial questions many clients have when they first contact BenGlassLaw. The questions below may address many initial concerns you may have. If you don't find the answers here, you can either use the Live Chat option on the left or send attorney Ben Glass a confidential message.

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  • Should I Ask My Lawyer for A Referral to A Doctor After My Accident?

    Will a lawyer/doctor relationship help your case?There are many ways an attorney can help with your personal injury case. They can advise you on what to do, what to look for, who you should (or should not) speak to, and how to give your case the best chance possible. However, there are many things a lawyer shouldn't help you with, like finding a doctor who will support your claim. 

    To understand why you have to consider the optics of such a situation. When a judge reviews your case and discovers that the lawyer and doctor do a lot of work together, the judge would want to know why. It raises a lot of suspicions. The judge will assume the lawyer and doctor have a relationship because the doctor helps cases by exaggerating injuries.

    It is insurance fraud if a doctor and lawyer team up to support a personal injury case when the client isn't necessarily injured. Naturally, this kind of lawyer/doctor relationship is viewed negatively. Working with a lawyer that has a history of this kind of behavior can damage your personal injury claim.

    If a lawyer is going to refer a client to a particular doctor then the client must be advised that:

    1. Some judges have called a lawyer to doctor referral the kiss of death to a case.
    2. The lawyer has made referrals to the same doctor over the years and that this might be raised as a credibility issue at trial.

    My advice is clear: if your lawyer tries to steer you to certain doctors for routine accident care, do not go to that doctor.  As the client, you have the right to know about these relationships before your case is wrecked.

  • I Was in A Car Accident in Quantico. How Can I Prove That the Accident Was Not My Fault?

    In Virginia, the person who causes a car accident is liable for any injuries and property damage that result from the crash. If you are involved in a Quantico car accident, you don’t want to be blamed for an accident that was someone else’s fault. Stafford and Quantico accident attorney Ben Glass suggests that you take the following steps to protect your Virginia accident claim.

    1. Take pictures of the accident scene. Use your cell phone and take pictures of the accident scene, the positions of the cars at the scene, and the damage to each vehicle.
    2. Contact the police. Virginia law requires that you contact the police when a car accident causes death, serious injury, or property damage. It is also a good idea to call the police even if the damage is minor. The insurance company may require a police report before it will pay damages. To report the accident, call 911 and let the dispatcher know that there has been a crash. Stay at the scene of the crash until the officer arrives.
    3. Exchange insurance information with the other driver. You can give the driver your name and phone number, but be careful about giving additional information.
    4. Get contact information from witnesses. If you are able to, ask any witnesses for their names and phone numbers. If your injuries prevent you from asking, ask someone at the scene to do this for you.Proving you were not at-fault in a car accident in Virginia.
    5. See a doctor. A doctor will treat your immediate injuries and will give you a list of symptoms to watch for. Always follow your doctor’s instructions. Make sure you keep any follow-up appointments.
    6. Contact the other driver’s insurance company. Ask the agent how to file a claim and how to get your car repaired. The insurance company will send you forms to fill out. Take these forms when you meet with your Stafford accident attorney.
    7. Fill out paperwork. Fill out all paperwork accurately and completely, and make sure you get it in on time. The insurance company may use late or incomplete paperwork as an excuse to deny your claim.
    8. Contact a Stafford car accident lawyer. If you are seriously injured, a personal injury attorney will collect the evidence to prove liability, file your accident claim, and negotiate with the insurance company while you focus on getting well.

  • Could a Prior Injury Affect My Car Accident Claim?

    Yes, a prior injury can certainly affect the outcome of your Virginia car accident case. It is important to understand that all personal injury cases are unique. The impact of your prior injury depends heavily upon the circumstances, evidence, and details surrounding your health history and recent car accident.

    Could your prior injuries affect your car accident case?For example, if you suffered a back injury ten years ago but haven’t had symptoms or back treatments for years, it’s likely that your old injury won’t affect your new injury case. However, if you were recovering from a back injury or were suffering from chronic back issues, these facts could impact your car accident case if your back was injured in the wreck.

    The bottom line is that you must prove that your current injury—the one you are seeking compensation for—was directly caused by the car accident and someone else’s negligence.

    If you are suffering from a preexisting injury at the time of your Virginia car accident, it’s important to be open, honest, and straightforward with your lawyer and to your insurance company so that you receive fair compensation.

  • Why Shouldn’t I Call A Lawyer Referral Hotline to Find Lawyers in Virginia?

    Should I call a lawyer hotline to find a lawyer for my case?The lawyer you get from a lawyer referral hotline is often just the next lawyer on their list to be referred out, not the best lawyers in Virginia for handling your specific legal needs. While you may get a personal injury lawyer, you won’t be guaranteed he or she knows how to handle the type of accident or injury for which you’re seeking compensation. 

    A hotline typically has callers identify their legal need, and that’s all they need to give you the name of a lawyer that can take your case. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, and that’s the scary part -- it’s TOO simple. Hiring lawyers is a serious matter that should not be taken care of with a phone call to an automated referral system. If you’re pressing 3 for a lawyer, you’re not doing yourself any favors. 

    To be listed on these hotlines is not saying that a particular lawyer is one of the best lawyers in Virginia. This is not a prestigious place to be mentioned; it is just another form of lawyer advertising. Lawyer referral hotlines usually are nothing more than lists of attorneys who pay to be there so their names come up every hundred or so calls. 

    If you really want to make sure that you’re getting dedicated legal advice specific to your case, do the work yourself. No one knows your legal needs better than you do, so you are the one who should contact lawyers.

  • How Do Attorneys Get Listed on Directories?

    Lawyer directories may not be the best way to find a lawyer after a car accident in Virginia, and here’s why...

    To get listed in many of the generic lawyer directories, all you need is a valid credit card and proof that you’ve passed the Virginia bar exam.

    Why attorney directories and hotlines are not a good place to find a lawyer.Directories like are paid listing sites, and if you take the time to read the fine print at the bottom of the website you’ll see they do admit this. 

    If you really want to know what it takes to get a listing on sites like these, click the “attorneys – get listed” area on a directory site and see what is needed to submit to claim a listing. Aside from proof of passing the bar exam and a payment method, it’s rare that they’ll ask for any further credentials. 

    It’s also important to point out that many of these directories have “featured” attorneys that appear at the top of the page. This usually doesn’t mean those attorneys are any better, it just means they spend money to get their ad placed on top. And yes, it’s an ad, not a listing; they are PAYING to advertise their firm on the page.

    If you do want to do some online research, we recommend using to find good lawyers in your area. While there are many paid opportunities for lawyers, its rankings are ultimately based on client reviews and endorsements from other lawyers.

    Finding a Lawyer after a Car Accident without Lawyer Directories 

    If you can’t trust lawyer directories, what can you trust when finding a lawyer after a car accident or other incident? Trust yourself! Do the research, schedule the consultations, and don’t give up until you’ve found an attorney that you’re confident you can work with to get you the settlement to which you are entitled.

  • Why Is Having A Trial Attorney Important When You Need A Lawyer for A Personal Injury Claim?

    A trial attorney is the type of attorney you want when you need a lawyer. If the lawyer is being truthful then he or she should demonstrate a willingness to take your case to court if need be. Not all cases end up in court, but a stubborn insurance company may necessitate filing a lawsuit to recover the settlement you deserve. 

    Why you should hire a lawyer with trial experience.Attorney Should Be Prepared for Trial 

    There’s no way to tell if your case will go to court at the start of filing your personal injury claim. The reason personal injury claims turn into lawsuits is because the insurance company refuses to offer you a fair settlement for your damages. Even the best trial attorney is not always able to negotiate a fair settlement out of court, but will be prepared to pursue the case before a judge and/or jury. 

    Lawyers who advertise being “aggressive” with cases should be ready to go to court to fight for your rights. If you’re not proactive about asking the lawyer if he or she has relevant trial experience, you’re taking a gamble on whether or not you’ll be able to achieve the settlement to which you’re entitled. 

    Don’t Let Your So-Called Trial Lawyer Back Out of Going to Court 

    If you have a lawyer that won’t go to court, he or she may try and talk you into accepting a settlement that just won’t cut it when it comes to fully compensating you for your injuries. When you need a lawyer, it’s worth the effort now to make sure you find one who is prepared to go to trial.

  • Will the Lawyer I See in Ads Be the One Working on My Case?

    Will the TV lawyer actually be working on your case?Finding a lawyer that looks like the ones you see on TV dramas and in movies shouldn’t be the ideal you’re searching for. Smart clients hire an attorney based on credentials, case history, and professional ratings, not appearance. Still, some lawyer advertisements in Fairfax and the rest of the country still rely on glamorous ads to get clients. 

    Who’s in the Advertisement? 

    When you’re looking at lawyer advertisements for law firms, it’s not always the lawyers themselves who are portrayed. Many law firms hire actors or even celebrities to appear in TV ads. If you’re lucky, you may catch the mumbled “spokesperson is not an attorney” disclaimer that’s required by law, but most of us don’t pay attention to boilerplate statements. 

    If the law firm does use its own people in the advertisements, there’s still no guarantee that’s the lawyer you’ll be working with. Finding a lawyer means you need to attend consultations with that law firm to meet the attorney and make sure that the attorney you want is the one who will handle your case. 

    There’s no rule that says if you hire The John Doe Firm that attorney John Doe will be the man on your case. That’s why it’s up to you to do your homework when looking for a lawyer. There’s no harm in working with an attorney whose name isn’t found in the firm name, provided that you find him or her qualified based on credentials, case history, etc.

  • How Does A Practice Area Matter in Lawyer Advertising?

    The practice area a lawyer advertises is mainly used draw in potential clients. Of course, a good lawyer only advertises a practice area if he or she dedicates a good portion of the practice to handling those types of cases. However, that’s not always the situation. 

    Anyone can advertise as, say, a personal injury lawyer in Richmond as long as he or she is in good standing with the Virginia State Bar. Lawyers can decide to establish a practice area in any sort of law, but just because they list “motorcycle accidents” as a practice area doesn’t guarantee they handle a lot of those claims. 

    Does an attorney's practice area matter?I have seen lawyer advertisements that read like a bullet list rather than an informative piece of literature. They list more practice areas than you care to imagine, and some are obscure, like "left-hand turn motorcycle accidents." While it’s good for personal injury lawyers to have various niches in their practice, it can be wrongfully interpreted in some situations. 

    Personal injury lawyers without a good focus may advertise every general practice area. This way, they get a big response from clients, and either can pick the cases they want or stretch themselves thin by taking too many cases they can’t handle. 

    Don’t Go for a Personal Injury Lawyer with Practice Area Fever 

    Attorneys who advertise one practice area after another shouldn’t convince you that they’re good at any of them. Likewise, personal injury lawyers who don’t advertise a practice area may be generalizing their practice as well.

  • Why Do I Need to Check Lawyer Credentials to Find the Best Lawyers in My Area?

    Yes, lawyer credentials DO matter when looking for the best lawyers. A profile page online for an attorney can only say so much, you need to do a little work to find the best attorney for your case – and it’s worth it!

    All Lawyers Are NOT Created Equal

    Aside from the obvious differences in experience and verdicts won, there are plenty of other things that can set lawyers apart. Two personal injury lawyers who went to the same law school and passed the bar exam with the same score can be completely different in how they approach cases.

    For example, saying I’m a Fairfax personal injury attorney is a very broad term; all that says is that I handle cases of negligence in Fairfax in which people got hurt. What it doesn’t say is that I focus my practice on personal injury, ERISA law, medical malpractice, and certain other areas of law.

    I spent many years after graduating law school honing my skills in tort litigation and focusing on ERISA law to get where I am today. Any lawyer that takes your case should have the same dedication to his or her area of law.

    A Lawyer’s Reputation is Important in Court

    What qualifications should an attorney have to help with your Virginia car accident case?Let’s say you found the best lawyer’s profile page after seeing his or her website on the bottom of a TV commercial. The reason you remembered the ad was because it was eye-catching and silly; the lawyer was fighting a tiger saying he or she will "tame the insurance companies" and win your settlement. It was memorable enough to make you look up the attorney, and you make the hire.

    Months later, you’re sitting in court with Mr. Tiger Tamer before a local jury arguing your accident case. The same lawyer ad was probably seen by several of the jurors, and that wacky ad may make a not-so-professional impression on those jurors.

    I’m not saying that every jury will be swayed by your lawyer’s reputation, but having an attorney with a bad or unprofessional status isn’t going to help matters. On the flip side, don’t trust lawyers who tell you that the insurance companies fear them and will settle at the mere mention of their name. While insurance companies do know which lawyers take cases to trial, each case is settled based on individual circumstances, not which attorney you hire.

  • Do Expensive Lawyer Ads Mean They’re A Better Lawyer?

    Here’s a secret about some lawyer ads: they’re not always created for the law firm they advertise! Have you seen ads with celebrities telling you to call a reputable law firm? Then you see the name of some Fairfax law office (or another specific city in your area) on the bottom?

    The ad is trying to make you think that "so-and-so" endorses this attorney. What you don’t know is that these ads are national - the only change is the name of the firm at the bottom of your screen.

    Who Pays For These Lawyer Ads?

    Do expensive lawyer ads mean they are a better lawyer?In some cases, a huge law firm in a major city pays small law firms in remote cities to have big ad campaigns. This helps bring in more cases to the small firms, who may then refer cases to the big firm for a fee. So if this is the case, you could end up not with that Fairfax law firm you expected, but with a firm in another city!

    But even if a law firm pays for its advertisements, simply being able to afford a TV commercial or huge billboard doesn’t mean it’s winning cases left and right. All it takes is a single million dollar settlement to provide revenue to fund an expensive ad campaign.

    A lawyer’s advertising should never be on your list of credentials to examine when looking for the best lawyer for your case. The only thing lawyer ads do is draw attention to the fact that the lawyer exists. They don’t tell you what working with that law firm will be like, so go to the lawyer’s website, read their materials, and make that initial consultation.

    So what’s the best way to find a lawyer if it’s not ads?

    Research. Even when you’re looking for a lawyer to handle the case for you, you’re still going to have to do a bit of work yourself. Do you want an ad in the Yellow Pages to determine who is fighting for your injury settlement? Can you trust a divorce attorney simply because you saw an ad on a Fairfax Connector bus bench?