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On September 17, 1999, the Supreme Court of Virginia ordered that a new trial be held for women who had previously lost her breast cancer malpractice case. In this case a physician had allegedly failed to diagnose breast cancer in a woman who had returned to his office to re-check a breast lump. At the return visit he told her it was not cancer and that she had nothing to worry about. She was still bothered by the lump but did not argue with his diagnosis. At trial, the physician and his lawyers blamed the woman. They claimed that she was contributorily negligent.

Mr. Glass first heard about the case after the trial had been lost. Incensed that a doctor would make such an argument, and that a judge would allow the argument to be made, he agreed to represent the woman, for free, on her appeal. In ruling in the woman's favor, the Supreme Court said that there was a special relationship between a patient and a doctor and the patient has a right to put her faith and trust in the doctor.