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This is an automobile accident case, in which the defendant contested fault in the accident.

On May 22, 2014, our client was driving his motorcycle southbound on George Washington Park Way as he approached River Farm Drive. At that same time, the defendant was driving on River Farm Drive approaching the stop sign at that road and GW Parkway, when he slowed to a stop.

According to the defendant, he checked both ways before turning onto GW Parkway when our client struck his vehicle at a high rate of speed, causing our client to be thrown from his motorcycle several hundred feet beyond the point of impact. While our client maintained that he was traveling the speed limit, the defendant and law enforcement stated that our client was speeding.

The defendant asserted contributory negligence. And insurance denied our client’s claim outright. Our client suffered a fractured right leg, which ultimately required an amputation above the knee. Our client’s medical bills exceeded the insurance cover-age limits of $300,000.

After depositions of the plaintiff and defendant, the matter was resolved at the insurance limits.


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