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A Federal Court jury in Alexandria, Virginia awarded one of Mr. Glass' clients nearly four million dollars against a local urologist. The case, Williams v. Schwartz, represents one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in Virginia.

In that case the plaintiff had gone to the doctor for implantation of a penile prosthesis. The plaintiff had been impotent due to vascular insufficiency and diabetes. Mr. Williams alleged that the doctor, in addition to performing the implant surgery, attempted to do a penile lengthening procedure on him without ever telling him! It turned out that this was the first penile lengthening procedure the doctor had ever done. The plaintiff alleged that the lengthening procedure lead to further diminution of blood supply to the penis and eventual loss of the penis in its entirety.

What the patient did not know at the time that he saw the doctor was that he had a history of malpractice claims and verdicts and that his license had previously been revoked by the Commonwealth of Virginia and that his privileges at area hospitals were either non-existent or limited. Further, the doctor had no insurance to cover the claim!

Unfortunately there is no easy way to find this information in Virginia.