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In August 2011, we settled a very important case involving a 32-year old woman who developed fibromyalgia following an automobile accident. She was injured in an accident at Tyson's Corner, Virginia. She was seen and released in the emergency department and then followed up with a chiropractor, an osteopath and an orthopedist. She never got better and eventually saw over 23 doctors and other health care providers, including at least five rheumatologists. Each of the rheumatologists diagnosed her as suffering from fibromyalgia. She developed severe "all body" pain and ultimately needed a wheelchair to travel outside of the house. The defense experts were of the opinion that this was "only a strain" and that she needed no additional treatment. Although the defendant had only $50,000 in insurance, our client was well protected by "underinsured" automobile insurance and we were able to settle her case on the morning before trial.

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