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Our client was a 72-year-old retired professional when the defendant, a 16-year-old driver who had just that week received his learner's permit, turned left in front of him in order to drive to into his high school. The defendant, whose father was in the passenger seat, had never driven on the road before that day.

The accident caused three lower leg fractures, multiple rib fractures, a fractured sternum and an injury to his right lung. Our client was hospitalized for surgery. About eight months after the accident he underwent a second surgery due to a non-union. This surgery resulted in an infection and a third surgery approximately a year after the accident. The third surgery was for a bone graft and internal fixation. This became in infected and the hardware had to be removed in a fourth surgery.

He continued to have problems and underwent several more surgeries for debridement and skin grafting. He has a deformed lower leg, permanent pain, swelling, and numbness and permanently reduced movement of his foot.

Medical bills were about $470,000.

The case settled several months before trial.

$1.4 Million Settlement

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