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In August, 2000, an Arlington County jury awarded our client $100,000 in a case in which the insurance company had offered just $25,000. Our client, a navy captain, had been injured when hit from behind in an automobile accident. She was treated for her injuries but continued to have neck pain two years after the accident. We proved that she had to give up a major command in the Navy and ultimately had to resign from the Navy because her pain interfered with the physical fitness requirements. She had about $4,000 in medical bills.

Twenty days before trial State Farm admitted liability for the crash. Despite the fact that there was no legitimate defense to the case, State Farm waited until the day before trial to offer our client any money to settle the case. We immediately rejected State Farm's offer and went to trial.

This case demonstrates, once again, that the insurance companies will always hold onto the money, no matter what the merits of the case, until you take it from them in trial. If your lawyer is not willing to go to trial in good cases, you will never be offered true value in your case.