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In August 2011, the defendant, who had been licensed for several weeks, was allowed by her parents to drive from Maryland to Williamsburg, where the family was vacationing. This was the longest solo trip ever undertaken by the inexperienced driver and she was not familiar with the route.

Once she reached Williamsburg she failed to observe a stop sign that was open and obvious and she struck the plaintiff's car broadside at high speed, causing it to overturn. The plaintiff, who was a elderly front seat passenger who had been belted in by his family, was ejected from the vehicle as it rolled.

He suffered numerous injuries, including multiple injuries to his hand and an amputated finger. After urgent surgery he was in a rehabilitation center for a month. He died about 90 days after accident due to unrelated causes.

The defendant had $100,000 in insurance coverage. The car that the plaintiff was traveling in had abundant uninsured motorist coverage. The case was settled after an all day mediation.

$550,000 for loss of finger, multiple injuries

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