In today's society we often look at doctors as the epitome of medical knowledge, and with all the med school they went through it's with good reason that we hold them to a high standard. When we experience any sort of alarming symptoms, we consult with a medical professional, expecting them to identify the cause and make an appropriate diagnosis.

Unfortunately, many doctors fail to recognize symptoms for what they really are, and often release patients with a misdiagnosis, or no diagnosis at all. Sending a patient home with the "take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning" mentality has lead to many wrongful deaths and serious medical injuries as a result of malpractice.

Pressure to get patients in and out of the exam room has led many doctors to overlook serious conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. The failure to diagnose conditions within a timely manner is one of the main causes of wrongful death as a result of malpractice.

Doctors must take care when evaluating symptoms to make sure that they are not signs of a serious medical condition that requires special treatment. Cancer is another commonly reported condition that is not treated in time as a result of failure to diagnose.

Timely diagnosis and proper treatment of your medical condition is what we all have come to expect from our medical professionals. Failure to diagnose is still a common occurrence, unfortunately. When injury occurs as a result, patients do have the option to file a medical malpractice claim. Your Fairfax medical malpractice attorney will be your greatest asset in filing your medical malpractice claim, since such cases can be extremely difficult to prove without legal assistance. 

Contacting a Fairfax Medical Malpractice Attorney

You don't have to deal with insurance companies and hospitals alone when you're looking to file a Virginia medical malpractice case. Fairfax medical malpractice attorney Ben Glass fights to help victims in the Virginia and D.C. areas settle their medical malpractice claims.

Before you go any further with your decision, order a copy of my complimentary guide to Virginia medical malpractice claims, Why Most Victims of Medical Malpractice Never Recover a Dime. To set up a no-cost consultation, contact me today - 703-591-9829.

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