We spoke to another accident victim last week. She had been broadsided by a driver who ran a red light. There were two independant witnesses.

The next day a representative of the careless driver's insurance company called her and asked her to give a recorded statement. The injured person was hesistant - she was still in a great deal of pain and she told the insurance adjuster that she know if she had to give a recorded statement and certainly did not want to give one at that point.

The adjuster insisted and told her that they would close her claim (after one day!!!) if she didn't give a statement. So she relented and did.

The adjuster was lying.

There is no requirement under the the law that you give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster before settling your claim. Sure they want you to but you don't have to. In fact, what you might consider doing is asking if you can get a recorded statement of their insured!

Watch them stammer at that one!

I talk about some other insurance adjuster tricks here.

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